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  1. To upgrade loyalty on Carnival Cruise Lines, I think that some of the prices that I've seen for a while now are way too much from what they used to be!!! I've seen my buddy get the best rates over me every time for about two years now, and he's not even Gold status, and I'm Platinum, about to be Diamond!!! In fact, when me and him go, we have to book under his status to get the best rate!!! So, maybe the idea of what you spend on the ship, may help with more points or days to get you closer to a higher level!!! Also, your play in the casino shouldn't get you better deals because I spend just as much, in fact I sometimes spend more (Free or $25 cruises)!!! Maybe instead of the third party that runs the casino offers, put in place a direct(Carnival) party to set those same offers!!! I like the idea of booking new ships for quicker- get- there- points, and longer cruises get more points (days), to get faster status!!! Especially doing more than a couple of cruises a year because I usually do 3-5 per year, even for example, if you do a 14 day, give 28 days!!! So, I definitely think that they need a better system, upgrade if you will!!!
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