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  1. I did not inquire about different seating arrangements and in the past I too was comfortable with getting to know others that we'd dine with. However, the seating arrangements this time were quite different. I have tried to plan trips during times that I would think would have fewer children on-board the ship but this has been to no avail. I recently found about the serenity deck and will most likely seek it out on the next go-round. As for the Marijuana use, I am pretty sure that it is prohibited including for medical use.
  2. We recently returned from an 8 day cruise on the Carnival Horizon. It was the first since the start of the pandemic and I feel the importance of sharing some differences since last being on-board. First off, I was highly disappointed in the seating arrangements in the dining area. While I have in the past been seated with guest other than my traveling partners, I was highly disappointed with the new way of doing this. In fact, after the second day we opted out of eating in the dining room. The reservation system sucks and the closeness between parties is a disaster waiting to happen. The seating arrangements are entirely too close. While being on vacation, I should not feel obligated to talk to strangers because we are forced to sit together. Also, the number of children literally running loose was a definite safety hazard. I was also very much surprised to step out of my cabin into the hallway and smell Marijuana permeating the air. What happened to the no-smoking policy. While I do enjoy the cruise experience, I feel Carnival needs to consider all of these things in order to provide a pleasurable experience for all of their guests.
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