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  1. I have sent emails and telephoned as many senior staff at Fred Olson in respect of the Balmoral Incident. I am still baffled as to why with prior knowledge of the storm in the North Sea. They got dragged off their mooring by tugs. Against the already excessive Strong winds. To then to be tossed around like a cork. Injuring many passengers. And to add insult to injury. DID NOT take passengers to hospital on arrival in port. I still await a reply to my emails and telephone calls. there should be someone who can stop this sort of thing happening. I would also like to find someone to take this case to Fred Olsen
  2. I have been emailing and phoned peter Deer at Fred Olsen. Since the end of November. To establish why you would set sail in a force 7. Knowing that a force 11 Gale was forecast for the North Sea still no reply!!!
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