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  1. Porta plata in Dominican Republic is an absolute dump, their dock is as good as it gets, we stopped there last year on a Norwegian cruise and took Norwegian sponsored trip, we were over loaded on a truck that looked like it was hacked and Frankenstein together from 30 other junks, the tour guide hardly spoke English and it took us over an hour to get to the beach we were supposed to be going to, mind you half of the trip was off road and nearly threw people off the crappy truck the people there live in paradise and don't take care of their island there was garbage everywhere if you compare it to Bermuda its an absolute garbage dump, you don't see so much as a cigarette butt on the streets of Bermuda they keep their island pristine I'm not upset at all Norwegian decided to stop going there, I wouldn't risk grounding another multi million dollar ship for that dump, frankly I wish they would stop docking in nassu in the Bahamas also, there's another place I can do without, as soon as you step out of the gate at the port somebody tries to sell you drugs and you feel like your about to get mugged. They should build a dock for their own island, well key its very nice the only problem is they have to tender you over and its usually to windy the last 5 cruises that we should have stopped there we were only able to get over there once.
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