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  1. I find this so disappointing. People work hard and save their money to be able to afford a cruise/vacation for their family. The cruise was sold specifically as Dominican Republic in the title. They continue to sell it that way, and my itinery is still showing it on the app. No changes have appeared on my app nor was I notified by email. In fact, when I called yesterday they initially said DR had not been removed, then checked and sure enough it is. I also learned via Facebook this weeks cruise saw the rope course closed, musicians for Syd Norman's Pour were sent home and Syd Norman's has also been removed from the itinery. Babysitting service is advertised , but not available. If it was one port cancelled due to emergency or weather that would be one thing. But cancelling port to save money on a cruise they sold is unacceptable. Add to this the increase in service fees, while the same week notifying customers the room stewards are being cut on half as is the cleaning service. Regretting giving them my business now. Oh ans incidentally, the NCL Escape cruise which ended December 31, 2022 did in fact stop at this port.
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