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  1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I was on an impacted cruise. And if a medical emergency happened to me or a loved one, I'd appreciate the help. Sorry if my message came across ungrateful. It was just extremely frustrating.
  2. It seems lately, Royal Caribbean has a growing trend of either cutting cruises short or taking passangers on a different route, due to some sort of medical emergency on board. By all means, I understand things happen. However, a medical emergency has occured on multiple cruises, to me, a close friend of mine and other people I've talked to. We all reside near port Canaveral, Florida, which is the port we all departed from for our Royal Caribbean cruises. Just yesterday, I see in the news, that a RC cruise had to go back to port Canaveral due to a medical emergency, causing traffic issues in the area and the passangers never got to sail to the destination they paid for. Same thing happened to me. On my RC cruise, we couldn't go to Haiti as planned, due to a medical emergency on board, we had to port in Miami, and then circled around in the water near Miami for 3 days. But, RC said, don't worry, we'll give you 2 days at Coco Cay. What a joke. Is RC trying to save on fuel costs? Or do they just want to keep you at their resort, Coco Cay, so you spend your money there, and not some other place, at another destination? Its a really disturbing trend. I was so concerned about the passanger on our cruise, praying they were ok. And now its seems a lot more prayers are needed for the emense amount of medical emergencies occurring on RC cruise lines. In years past, the Coast Guard would respond and assist, or a chopper would fly out to the ship. Doesn't seem like that happens anymore, which is a concern, if there is a true medical emergency. Get it together, RC. Becky
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