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  1. You need to ask Carnival directly. Get on the phone & wait 2 hours =p Then please let us know what you're told. K? My GUESS is that you'll have another day at sea. Do they already have a Private Island as a port on your cruise? Maybe that?
  2. I'm uncertain if they're going out light because of their capacity protocols, or if people just aren't booking like prior to COVID? Our September sailing from LGB was 50% full, but as far as I could see they still were taking new bookings up to departure, which makes me think it's lack of interest rather than capacity quotas. Of course September isn't a huge cruise month, so maybe they will have more bookings as we approach icy weather & people trying to escape it. And of course the holidaze =p
  3. Jen Baxter, cruise director on the Miracle out of LGB (Sept 2021) She's a hoot! She's British, I think. Can't miss her around ship, she reminds me of a character from Cirque du Soleil. #Adorable https://www.facebook.com/jencruisedirector Instagram @jencruisedirector
  4. Vaccinated doesn't mean virus free. Vaccination just means you're less likely to have life threatening complications if you have COVID. My roommate, vaccinated with Moderna in March, in August came down with COVID. A much milder case, but she still felt it's affects. Swollen glands, felt exhausted, sinus headache. Initially she thought it was allergies or sinus infection before telling me. Of course, then I needed to be tracked & tested too (super cautious at home; came out negative) If the cruise companies were using just vaccination cards (which clearly can be forged) my roomie could have joined us all on board, spreading the virus. The system isn't foolproof, but it's what we've got right now.
  5. Probably lack of staff & training. The Radiance has just left Spain a couple of weeks ago (Oct 18, 2021), I presume without household staffing, after months of renovations & remodeling. Maybe, since there hasn't been an actual sailing of the new Radiance (prior Victory), they aren't ready to have paying passengers on board with a new crew for such a long initial cruise? From what I see written about Radiance, they're set to be only short 3-4 day cruises out of Long Beach, beginning in December. The Panorama will be doing the longer cruises from Long Beach. When does the new crew board, and where? Anyone know how that works?
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