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  1. It should be expected that after covid it would take awhile to get to the in which we were used to. I feel give it some time, be happy we can cruise at all. Things can only get better. I last cruised last month in August. I spoke with many of the crew members about how they felt being on a ship again. Many I spoke with mentioned that they are working hard and that many crew members are still working on getting their documentation in order to return to the ships again. They also mentioned that they also have to do regular covid testing, additional training, and get all paperwork taking care of for citizenship, visas, etc. It calls for a lot travelling around and that it all takes some time. Workers and managers also mentioend that there will be more and more workers, new and returning, over the next two or three months. They are hiring workers like crazy I was told. All in all, just give it time, enjoy cruising now, and look to even more improvements in the future.
  2. I just cruised in August. There was a scavenger hunt.
  3. Verifly made checking in a breeze. Be sure to have your paper documents just in case. Listen carefully in the terminal so that you go to a terminal worker's line that is asking for verifly. Some of the lines are for those without verifly. Have the app open and ready as soon as you enter the terminal. All in all, it took less than 5 minutes from entering the terminal to check verifly, passports, go through security and be seated in our zone to wait to be called to proceed to the ship.
  4. I just sailed with carnival near the end of last month. Having verfly was great. Me and my S.O. breezed through check-in. I felt having the app was a great thing. We never had to show any of the paperwork we had with us. It took us all of 5 minutes from entering the terminal to check verifly, show passports, go through security and wait for our zone to board. If you are having issues with the app you may want to try either clearing the cache for the app as well as check for updates. As a last resort you can try uninstalling it and re-installing it, however this would require re-entering all of your documentation. I did find the verifly website with questions, directions and screenshots to be of a big help for getting all information and documents uploaded, reviewed and accepted. I have already uploaded documents and info for our next cruise in a couple of months. Putting the info in was even faster than for the last cruise. Everything was reviewed and accepted within 3 minutes.
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