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  1. It's much more predatory from that I'm afraid. Dan Tehan made an announcement at a News International Conference a few months ago and said he welcomed cruises resuming, because air travel would increase to the departure ports. This echoed what Skroo Turner had said (CEO of Flightcentre) and there was general consensus that cruises had resumed worldwide. Fast forward six months, Dan Tehan has stonewalled any correspondence about cruises, as has Greg Hunt. Both of them hide behind 'Doherty modelling' or 'AHPPC expert advice' which is at odds with the rest of the world's advice. Clearly, this is rancid electioneering - ScoMo doesn't want any more 'outbreaks onboard ships' or 'trouble before the vote'. That's it, plain and simple - he's shut down cruises in Australia for 2+ years. Utterly disgusting, immoral, and illegal activity.
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