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  1. Re: Canada, however, has yet to provide details on health and safety guidelines for visiting cruise ships as the Alaska season nears. No problem: Skip Canada during Alaska cruises. I'd rather see more of Alaska and less of Canada anyway.
  2. CruiseCaptain: IF... you're referring to me (Cruise-Sailor) WHERE would you suggest I could have posted it ? 🤔
  3. Regarding Emry's post: Perhaps the most significant change in the new document is that it pertains only to foreign-flagged vessels. Foreign flagged cruise ships operate internationally while homeporting for a large part in the United States. I don't believe the above is True. If it is, then the NCL's Pride of America ship sailing round-trip from Honolulu is exempt. True ???
  4. I didn't know which category to post this so chose NCL. On October 25, the CDC announced that from November 1, 2021, the Framework for Conditional Sailing Order will have a temporary extension until January 15, 2022. It means the current guidelines and requirements will continue and apply for cruise ships operating in the U.S. except for Florida, where the CDC order is just a recommendation due to a recent lawsuit. IMHO, I wish Florida's lawsuit against the CDC was a Class-Action suit so it would cover all ports in the U.S. When CDC was first established there was a real "need" for its existence. When the "Buggy Whip" was invented, there was a real "need" for its existence. Both have outlived its purpose.
  5. Ruby-Princess, Dec. 17th My latest fiasco: I have three cruise with Princess... Dec. 22nd 2021 (Cancelled)... Dec. 17th 2021. and Dec. 22nd 2022 I'm TRYING to set-up Medallion for the Dec. 17th cruise but it appears Princess's computer system have them integrated. Sometime it reports the cruise is Cancelled (Dec. 22nd 2021) even though I entered the Booking# for the Dec. 17th cruise !!!!!!! Very frustrating !!!!!
  6. OKAY... I was able to log-on using our Booking-Number. Thanks.. Issue Closed.
  7. I just downloaded Princess's Medallion App It asked me to log-on.I entered my email-addy and password for my Princess account. It indicate an error and asked me to try again. I tried 3 times with the same result. What's Wring ???
  8. I use a desktop and Chrome as my default browser. For the heck of it, I tried MS-Edge browser and voila: It displays what it should. 😃 I'll continue to use Chrome but will switch browsers depending on visual results.
  9. What's up (or not up) with "Live Cruise Ship Tracker" ? All I see is some text on a beautiful blue background.
  10. It's because of her efforts that we're able to cruise to Alaska. When we cruise to Alaska, we want to see A-L-A-S-K-A ! My preference is to spend more time in Alaska by skipping Canada. Ideally, there will be cruises that call in Canada and cruises that skip Canada. JMHO.
  11. Ditto. What started off with good intentions ended in unnecessary egotistical hinderance.
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