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  1. I keep trying to be okay with this but it is so wrong. If you evaluate it, it is almost 4 days at sea on a 7 day cruise (the san juan stop is from 4-11 half day stop in the evening is not excursion worthy). I feel completely ripped off - this is no where near what I was sold and what I paid for. Please add more stops, even 2 nights in St. Thomas with tenders to tortola or st john would be better than what they are proposing. Please make this right! Is anyone else on the same sailing? Thoughts?
  2. The august 7th sailing had more changes than it. It is now a substandard cruise with one destination besides the private island. Money needs to be refunded, a port added back in the virgin islands or let customers cancel. I feel victimized like I am paying way to high a price now with what remains to be called a 7 day cruise.
  3. NCL Breakaway recently issued an itinerary changes for 8/7/22 that is not acceptable. 2 ports cancelled, added a day at sea to make it 3 instead of and added a half day port stop in SanJuan. This is not a comparable "changed" itinerary. We want out or an large sum of refunded for this substandard sailing. What are the options? Senior NCL management needs to reevaluate this sailing and add another destination. So unacceptable especially after selecting this itinerary specifically for its destinations and waiting all this time through COVID . Some help, advice please...
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