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  1. I have been visiting Progreso for 10 years and I moved here from Virginia 2 years ago. The port is now a CLEAN, SAFE, FRIENDLY, AUTHENTIC, Mexican, or I should say "MAYAN", place to visit. The Yucatan is NOT like the traditional Mexican places. It does not have the stereotyped "Mexican" people. The people who live here are descendents from The Mayans and they have a very different culture from the rest of Mexico. Under our current Mayor Julian, it has been transformed the last four years. New tourist attractions like the traditional Malevcon (boardwalk), the NEW International Malecon, the Chocolate Pier (nothing to do with Chocolate), Dinosaur Museum, the new Jurassic Trail in nearby Chixculub where the meteor hit that wiped out the dinosaurs, PIG Beach in Chelem, are all close by the drop off point in town. I could go on & on about all the improvements & attractions but you can find everything just by looking at Google. Of course there are still day trip excursions to the Mayan ruins, cenotes (underground fresh water filled caves), and fishing but there really isn't and need to spend all that money when simply walking around the town is your best experience.
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