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  1. Our May 22, 2022 Alaska cruise on Celebrity from Vancouver BC has been cancelled just 2 weeks before sailing due to "barnacle growth on the hull". Can't imagine how awkward this is for families gathering from all over via plane, train etc. They are offering a full refund or we can rebook another AK cruise, they give three ships to choose from. If we rebook, they are offering a 25% discount. Someone called that "compensation". It's just a tricky way for Celebrity to make it sound like they are offering compensation because when we go to book the cruises they offered, they were 25% more expensive! NO COMPENSATION in that offer what so ever. Haven't they had 2 years of COVID to maintain their fleet? It's a big deal to have your vacation cancelled at the last minute like this. The email notification "apologized for the inconvenience". This might work out well for Celebrity, they now have approx 2000 "valued guests" who are scrambling for alternate last minute cruises to Alaska. Celebrity offers up only three ships to choose from AND only offers "similar itineraries to Alaska" as compensation LOL. Are they trying to fill up those alternate sailings due to cancellations? We can't go on a Coastal cruise instead or Caribbean etc. because of the "similar AK cruise" clause. They should at least give us a full year to rebook. Anyway, we bailed and requested a full refund. Thanks Celebrity, it was an experience that we wouldn't wish on anyone. I wonder how long it will take to get our money back.
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