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  1. We just returned from our first cruise in 2 1/2 years on the Carnival Panorama. We are loyal platinum cruisers and couldn't wait to get back to cruising. First off I should say the Panorama was beautiful! Very up to date. Including elevators that have a digital TouchPad for you to choose your floor, then it tells you which elevator to get on. I have to say, even though it's not my cheif complaint, with covid being such a concern, Carnival overlooked some obvious safety precautions. Such as those digital elevators, that EVERYONE is touching. They have no sanitizer station set up by them. Also, at Guy's burger joint , they have the sanitation station set up by the line to get your burger but no where near the buffet for toppings, where everyone is touching the tongs and spoons.... As for why I'm so disappointed.. I understand that Carnival, and all the cruise lines have taken a hit, but beware they are really trying to make up for it on the ship! For example, they are now charging $3 a bag for popcorn on movie night. It has always been free! They have started charging for room service. Their drinks that were normally $9 have jumped to $14 each. The steakhouse prices have increased from $20 to $38 per person. On the new Panorama ship they have the new trampoline park, but for a price if $7 each. Even Groove for St. Jude t-shirts increased from $10 to $12. We went to the candy store and got reeses pieces and tootsie rolls..$22! The Casino was DEAD!! We went through $200 in less than 10 min, they have them locked down tight! On top of the new charges around every corner, the entertainment was nearly non-existent. For years I have wished they would change up their entertainment (and food 😉 )because we see the same thing EVERY cruise. But this cruise they didn't change it up , they just skipped everything entirely! No hairy chest contest, ice sculpting, newlywed show, cornhole tournaments. It was extremely disappointing. And before you say it was a safety precaution for covid, it wasn't because they still had Bingo, comedians and 80's dance party. All of which have tight crowds. Then we have the food.. usually there is SO much food you gain 10 lbs! I found that they limited the lunch "specialty" spots, to 12-2:30 , which included the Mongolian wok, pasta place and the pig and anchor. The buffets on lido had very few selections and the ship is extremely understaffed, making the lines long. One night we sat for almost 30 min to get pizza because they had 1 guy making, cooking and serving! And it was the only place open, so this poor guy was swamped! It's sad to say but I don't know when I'll go again. It's the first time I've ever gotten off a ship and not been sad about it or already planning our next. Just a word of warning for all my long time cruisers of Carnival, things have changed, and not for the better.
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