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  1. Mary, we are also to be on that cruise 22 May. I also posted on other sites but no one seems to know anything. They would hardly want to be refusing embarkation to an angry mob, or having those (like us) that wanted to test three days in advance be told that is not acceptable at the port. At the thirty days out mark last week, the Legend showed up on Bermuda's website. Carnival does not have the info on their website about application for travel to Bermuda, just over 12 must be vaxed or the like. We have had no notifications from Carnival. (RC has a link about it and has sent emails to passengers affected.) Our group (last one with TA, business going out and she is retiring) is mainly older folks that do not have computers. She emailed Carnival today upon my queries, stating she was unaware of this. She is also suspicious that Carnival may not go to Bermuda, and may switch ports, since they cancelled Bermuda for 2023. She also said the Bermuda govt is very difficult and this is the first time Carnival was able to dock at King's Wharf. But she has been doing this for 50 years and feels Carnival cares about passengers and has an excellent rep she deals with, compared to other cruise lines. Have you heard from Carnival?
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