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  1. Booked on Carnival Splendor Jan 17, 2023, with 3 stops in New Caledonia. Not sure if NC is going to allow the ship to stop at either of their ports. Carnival said one of the "stops" will be Mystery Island, but since that's an uninhabited island, do we even stop there? Air is booked so not sure what's happening. Not to mention the insurance NC is requiring! Any advice appreciated.
  2. I have heard several different reports about port in Skagway closing due to rockslides. We will be onboard NCL Bliss sailing RT Seattle 9/22/22. We have not received any itinerary change and have booked White Pass Railway. Will we be allowed to tender in and still do the excursion? Also is a passport required for this excursion? Thanks!
  3. Talk about confusing! NCL says even though they have dropped pre testing requirements as of 9/3/22, if you have a stop in Canada you will be required to pre-test or pay $99 to NCL for testing onboard. The cruise is round trip Seattle. Everyone has been vaccinated but will be onboard the ship for several days before the stop in Victoria. Canada tourism site seems to indicate otherwise. HELP!
  4. We will be in NYC for 2 days prior to our cruise in July. How are we going to get that done there?
  5. When is the earliest you can submit the form? Can it be done before final payment?
  6. What is the earliest you can submit a Covid 19 exemption form? Can it be done prior to final payment?
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