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  1. The cruise industry are relaxing the vaccinate requirement. See attached article, soon all cruise companies will soon comply as well. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-line-makes-minor-change-to-protocols/74220
  2. Here an recent update that Carnival has made. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-line-makes-minor-change-to-protocols/74220 Princess also has the same changes, just go on princess website and read up about the medical exemption. I am so glad that these changes are being done. We will survive and life is returning to normal. Unfortunately, covid has destroly this world, but we are going to over come what the DC/CDC has done to this country. Please spread the word, share the article, visit the princess website, read up about the medical exemption. All cruise companies will soon comply. How can they not, there's money to be made. It's unfortunate they were made an example and the public just add salt to their wounds. It's not different if we flew on a plane. But let's hope for the best and move forward. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-line-makes-minor-change-to-protocols/74220 Ps, the cruise industry should have everyone get test within the arrival, once on board and throughout, if this is going to make people more relax and feel so e sense of safety. We know how to deal with this issue. Let's use the knowledge and not fall back into the trap of finger pointing and have the media destroy the industry again.
  3. DeanneB, you need to do some additional research on current crusing. Apparently, there are a few crusing company that are allowing unvaccinated on the cruse. However, they have to show a negative test, the logic is 95% vaccinated and 5 % unvaccinated. The approval is made when you make your reservation. The cruise Industry was given a bad rap when covid broke out. " https://www.thestreet.com/investing/is-it-safe-to-go-on-a-cruise". Read this article all, and hopefully we all will understand. Remember this a multi billion industry. Why are we not being so critical on people flying on a plane, that is more in a close quarter than the cruise ship. But so much fear has been said, that when you sneeze, cough people look at you as if you are dangerous. Think, God gave us a brain use it, not the government tell you what should be done. This virus is not going over, it is around until 2024.
  4. It's amazing that people like you were not afraid of crusing when there was a cold virus going around, now all of a sudden, everyone is afraid of someone sneezing, caught or a fart. Travel on a plane is worse than being on a cruise ship. It's nuckle heads like you that has cause this huge fear of standing next to someone who caught,sneeze and blow their nose. (That person must have covid). The cruise Industry were bitten so bad when the pandemic began, they have to do what the government tells them, even though the CDC has washed their hands of vaccination requirements. Did you forget the CDC lower the level for that industry or old age kicked in. Or wait you must be a sheep. Get a life or soon you will experience what government control is all about. Especially Socialism,it's coming. But you have your beliefs and so do others. Look where we are today, the great USA is turning to shit and we face shortage in baby food.
  5. Audra, I would have to agree with you 100%, thus requirement of vaccination is bull shit, the cruse and being controlled by the CDC, which is full of so much confusion. They are throwing things out there to see what sticks. Here is one of their quotes"In March, the agency then dropped its warning against cruise ship travel for the first time in two years, telling Americans to "make their own risk assessment when choosing to travel on a cruise ship, much like they do in all other travel settings." Come on, who are yhe people writing these rules. It make the organization look really stupid. The cruise industry need to make their own decision. It's like what "Audra" said did anyone worry about a sneeze, cough years ago. Now all of a sudden people are freaking out when you sneeze or cough. I sneeze at least 15 times now, it's allergy season. People wake up, the government is fucking with your mind. If we continue like this, we are fuck big time. Look at the shit we are in right now. Biden is doing a great job in putting this country in a great depression. This is going to get worse, until we say ENOUGH. Come on people, wake up, stand up to what really make sense.The cruse industry, you guys need to stop with the BS, you guys are going to cripple the industry. U have spent BILLIONS on new ship and cannot said with full capacity.
  6. Did anyone worry years ago when people had the flu and were on cruise ships. This is all political and government is using psychology on people. My entire family except my self and husband did not take the vaccine and a few members of my family got covid. Did people also worry when they were flying on a plane, or walking through the mall. Now all of a sudden COVID is like controlling our lives. Wake up people. I welcome the flu and allergy season.
  7. When my husband and I got married 16.5 years ago, we booked on the carnival destiny, aka now the sunshine. This is a medium ship compared to others. It's a good ship, there's lots to do on a ship. Best investment for a honeymoon, make sure you get a balcony on the Port side. Do your own research, do not always liste to negative reviews. Enjoy, my husband and I have taken alot of cruise and we have 3 waiting the vaccine issues. Enjoy
  8. It seems as though the CDC has ended all vaccination, and masking is optional. However, the cruise industry is still catering to the vaccination only (discrimination) and they are the ones that are testing positive. This virus is not going away. It's here to stay, just like the good old common cold. The variances are now less deadly. Grenada just open up to all vaccinated and none vaccinated, they are not requiring any proof. (DO A SEARCH AND ITS TRUE) I will post the website if it's allowed. Over all the cruise will loose Millions or even Billions if they thing they are just going to catered to the vaccinated, other countries are depending on tourism. Wake up folks. I have friends and my slef that have 3 plus cruise pending. I would like to hear someone from the cruise industry reply to this. Everyone else is over this controlling situation. It's time to return to normal. The CDC already took away and washed their hands.
  9. I would have to agree with you both, my husband and I enjoy crusing and have spent alot of money doing so in the fast 12 yrs. My husband and I have done our research on these vaccine and will not get the jab, they have too many side affects. We have 3 cruise on hold because we are not vaccinated. What I do not understand is why we are being punished and the vaccinated ones are the ones getting sick. I understand the cruise industry HAVE to follow what the CDC Dictates to them and they do not want any law suits. But get guest test before they arrived, tested when they arrived with the understand if you are positive you will not board the ship. Test often, this virus will not show up immediately. My husband and I have to get tested weekly and we are always negative. The cruise industry is loosing so much money. Just use common sense and stop this segregation of vac vs unvac. When will this stop, the majority of the country do not wear mask anymore. Give the option of wearing, do not dictate to the public. We the people are willing to spend money on crusing. This is just my opinion and I do not understand if you have accommodation for passengers that test positive, why are we causing at all. Many recent and past articles mentioned that there quest 10 or so passenger that test positive and had to stay in their cabin.
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