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  1. I just returned from our cruise with my 2 year old and they required seeing her excursion ticket to exit the ship. There was also a check in once we started the excursion. If she never checked in on the tour I’m sure they would’ve noticed. It may not have been worth the consequence of her having to quarantine because of that. The ship has people monitoring compliance for everything to be sure they’re following cdc guidelines. Unfortunately the cruise was the worst and they don’t give two craps about the unvaccinated children on the ship. They have NOTHING for them and could care less about i them being bored or for forcing families to entertain their kids 24/7 while on the vacation. No camp, no Night Owl services…. No break ever. You would think they would offer activities for parents to enjoy with their kids…. NOPE!! Be sure to bring plenty of things to keep your kiddo entertained because the ship won’t provide.
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